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Hey guys, over the past couple of weeks I've come back into the fandom of Hawaii Five O... (and fandom in general, what??? writing?!!!) and forgot about posting them to here on livejournal because after four years of falling off the face of the Earth, I forgot where all I was supposed to post!  

Title: Got Serious Issues (But Not the Ones You Mean)
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: Post-ep to the latest episode (Kuleana) because I was dissatisfied we didn't get this kind of a closer. To me, this is simply a deleted scene we didn't have time to see, aka my Head Canon until proven otherwise.
“You shut up,” Steve snaps back, frown deepening. “Stop taking on the guilt of the whole god damned world, other people need to shoulder their own!”

Title: The After
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: episode tag to 5x04, post-Matt fallout

Right now he holds still as he watches Danny point the gun in Reyes’ face and shoot. Once. Just once, right between the eyes.
Title: Get Started Without Me (I'll Catch Up)
Pairing: Steve/D
Rated: NC-17
Notes: Takes place throughout the series, up to and including season 6 of what's currently aired as of 6x10

It almost seems natural that after you’ve had your ass kicked, pistol whipped, knocked unconscious for God knows how long, that when you come to and your partner is half past insane with worry and panic for him to be grabbing you by your shirt and hauling you up into a kiss.
Title: Brick to the Side of the Head
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: future fic, no specific spoilers just "hasn't happened yet"

To say it came out of nowhere as far as Steve was concerned would be a major understatement.

Title: The Perfect Partners Workbook:  At a Glance
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: post ep tag for 5x17

H5O Fic: Blackout

Fandom:  Hawaii Five O
Title:  Blackout
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: PG13
Notes: I miss my show, when does it come back?!!!

Kicking inanimate objects doesn't work, learn the lesson.Collapse )
Title: Pretty Little Butterflies Can Go to Hell
Characters: OT4
Rated: R, language
Notes: Just a wee bit o' crack. I remember talking months and months ago with runpunkrun about how I love a fic that can convincingly make Sheppard cry, since he's very much not a crier, which somehow lead to me saying "dude, that just makes me want to write the fic where he cries at like... everything. Ooh, pretty butterfly... *sobs*".

Rodney watched horrified as another tear came down.Collapse )

SGA Fic: Confused by the Angles

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Confused by the Angles
Rated: R
Pairing: Jennifer/Rodney, Ronon/Jennifer, John/His own dumb self
Notes: John makes me giggle. He's so dumb. This is a comedy and not meant to be 100% accurate, but um... I kind of secretly think it actually is 150% true. Takes place at the beginning of season 5's Brainstorm.

John didn’t figure out what was really going on with the whole Ronon/Jennifer/Rodney triangle until just before Rodney and Jennifer officially became a thing. Collapse )

SPN fic: Pleasantries are Overrated Anyway

Title: Pleasantries are Overrated Anyway
Author: kho
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,000
Notes: no warnings... takes place season 6... first time at writing Castiel for me though, so hope I did him justice!

“I need to see you.”

Rescue Me Fic

Title: Beer Queer
Pairing: Sean/Mikey
Rated: R? This shows language is pretty R to begin with so it’s difficult to rate a fic for it.
Notes: ~1300 words. Inspired by 4x12 Keefe, which is the ep that ohhellosugar's seen up to. I think at this point that Mike has decided he was no longer gay… if you haven’t gotten to that part yet? Um. Sorry for spoiling you, but at some point Mike just up and decides he’s not gay, for no particular reason. Kinda like how he up and decided he WAS gay, for no particular reason.

I love people and I tell them and that doesn’t mean I’m queer, it means I’m, ya know… Nice.Collapse )

SGA Fic, Voyeurism, It's a Thing

Title: Voyeurism, It's a Thing
Rated: NC-17
Pairing: McKay/Keller, Sheppard
Notes: Yeah. I have a thing for voyeurism. In fact, I'm thinking of taking this concept and turning it on it's head and making it long and juicy. Because mmm. Mmm.

They’re drunk enough that it’s possible it wasn’t intentional, them having left the door open to their bedroom.Collapse )

SGA Fic: Saffrashinu

Title: Saffrashinu
Rated: PG-13
Characters: OT4
Warning: Pure, unadulterated fluff.... with some non PG words.
Notes: Yeah, I'm indulging in cliche's lately. Today's cliche? The team gets high. Next cliche up? More Aliens Made Them Do It, because it was really fun last time.

I don’t know what’s happening here and usually when I don’t know what’s happening I fix it with my computer except I’ve somehow forgotten how to, ya know… turn it on.Collapse )

SGA Fic: A Hundred, A Thousand

Title: A Hundred, A Thousand
Rated: NC-17
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Notes: this is a tag to the season 3 ep Miller’s Crossing, that I always wanted to write since it aired but never quite did until now. Yummy. I call that episode my “proof” that canon and fanon really weren’t that far off from each other.

“I presented a situation. He volunteered.”Collapse )

Hawaii Five-O Fic: Impatience is a Virtue

Title: Impatience is a Virtue
Rated: NC-17
Pairing: Danny/Steve, established
Notes: This fic is brought to you by Scott Caan's delectable rear end.

“You are such a little impatient bitch today.”Collapse )

SGA fic: Plans Changed

Title: Plans Changed
Rated: R, language
Pairing: McKay/Keller, re: Sheppard
Notes: This is a prequel to Change of Plans. I realized that I keep telling the stories from John's point of view and people go "oh poor John" and yes, I agree, but also? Poor Rodney too. So, now, Rodney's POV.

ETA: I suppose you could read it in either order, but I think you sould read Change of Plans first, as the surprise was intended. If you read this first, you're reading the surprise first, lol.

She arches an eyebrow at him. “Are you having second thoughts about leaving the stargate program?”Collapse )

SGA Fic: Change of Plans

Title: Change of Plans
Rated: R, language
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Notes: Yeah, I named it Change of Plans because the movie sucked so much I wanted something that made me smile to take the bad taste out of my mouth. No, it doesn't have the same, crappy plot. Set about a year after the series finale.

When they leave the San Francisco Bay and take to the skies on their way back to Pegasus, Rodney is angry. Angry, and bitter, and sad. He’s withdrawn, keeping to himself and ignoring anyone and everyone that tries to speak to him.Collapse )
Title: Operation All’s Fair in Love And War
Rated: R, language
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard, background McKay/Keller
Notes: okay so I did a poll and the people voted for McShep re: Keller with a genre of angst/funny with porn… This has less porn than I thought it would, and is not as funny as the initial concept was, but I’m still happy with it. (My favorite Sheppard line in five seasons happened in season 3, when Sheppard said "Operation This Will Most Likely End Badly is a go").

Rodney puts three small velvet black boxes in front of John and says, “I’m going to ask Jennifer to marry me, I need your help.”Collapse )
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O
Title: Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache
Rated: R, language/sex
Characters: Steve/Danny, Chin, Kono
Notes: No specific spoilers, set anytime now or in the future. I had a LOT of fun writing Chin & Kono, I'm going to have to write them a lot more. In funny news, I actually do have a headache.

Chin and Kono stare at them bemusedly, as they always do, and then Chin says, “Wow, man, you really are his work-wife.”Collapse )
Title: Death is Harder on the Living
Rated: R, language
Characters: John, Rodney
Notes: Set after John’s father’s death in Outcast. (This is what happens when Kelly has a horrible fight with her father. Catharsis through fandom, gotta love it.)

Forty years of practice affords one time to hone their actCollapse )

Hawaii Five - O fic: Armpit of America

Title: The Armpit of America
Rated: PG13
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Notes: It's okay, I'm allowed to make fun of New Jersey, I spent every summer there from the age of 5 until 20. It's allowed for me to make fun of Jersey, because I love Jersey.

Danny grew up in Jersey, and yes, thank you very much, he’s heard the “armpit of America” joke quite enough for one lifetime.Collapse )

SGA Fic, totally Kevin Smith's fault.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: What, Like the Back of a Volkswagon?
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rated: R
Notes: Unbeta’d because it’s way too cracky to bother betaing. Okay, oh boy, I have tons of notes. I’ve put them at the bottom of the fic, but I’ll just sum up by saying this fic is to be blamed on my Inner Sap’s inability to shut up, and my love for Kevin Smith. Seriously, I invoke so much Kevin Smith in this fic I might as well call it a crossover. LOL. (But really? You may want to watch the Holden/Alyssa scene I reference first, because while you don’t need to know all of Chasing Amy to get this, you do need to know that scene).

”Then she said something about how it was really unfortunate that I wasn't a Kevin Smith fan, because if I was I'd also understand how you were Banky and I was Holden.”Collapse )

Iron Man Fic

Fandom: Iron Man, movie
Title: Welcoming Committee of One
Rated: R, language
Pairing: Tony/Rhodey
Notes: Set during the first movie, and in case anyone is wondering, my Rhodey will always be Terrence Howard's Rhodey. I love you Cheadle, but Howard's Rhodey owns my soul a bit. Maybe you'll steal it away from him in IM3, but not yet.

Tony’s got his jacket off two steps into the room, left hand working on his tie and bum arm hindering every single move. 'So what did I miss?'Collapse )

Dec. 29th, 2010

Fandom: SGA/Iron Man, MIT ‘verse
Title: Live Before You Die
Rated: R
Pairing: Tony/Rodney, pre-McShep
Notes: This takes place both before and after the previous fic. I’ve decided to label this the MIT 'Verse. This is not a WIP, it’s an open universe, think of it like a playground. Sometimes I’ll come swing on the swingset, and you’re welcome to join me. (aka, if you have a plot bunny, oh please oh please share it or write it yourself and link me to it!)

Look, I toked pot once in college. Didn't feel a thing. Well, aside from itchy. And the overpowering urge to eat an entire loaf of white bread.Collapse )

SGA/Ironman Crack ficlet of nothingness

Fandoms: SGA/Iron Man, MIT-verse
Title: Don't Need No Stinkin' Security Clearance
Rated: R, language
Characters: Tony, Rodney, John
Notes: A story told entirely in emails. this is totally self-indulgent, and I swear to God? Canon. I swear it is. Tony and Rodney totally were the boy prodigies at MIT or wherever the hell, and they totally use to do it like rabbits. I'm just sayin'. It's possible, if there were interest, that I could easily be swayed to write flashback fic as well as future fic in this 'verse.

in ur computer stalkin' ur galaxyCollapse )

Hawaii Five-O Fic

Fandom: Hawaii Five-O
Title: Oral Fixation
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: R
Notes: So normally the first fic I write in a fandom is me kind of piddling around trying to find their voices. Then I watched episode 3 and my crackmonkey muse went ”must porn now”, and this happened. (elandrialore? Totally your fault.)

Steve's not worried about Danny finding out Steve wants him. Steve's got that covered with an arsenal full of quips and ways to distract Danny from Steve's whatever this was.Collapse )
Title: The Unpredictability of Attraction
Pairing: McKay/Carter
Rated: NC17
Notes: Throughout season four, what I wish had happened. Many thanks go to runpunkrun for inspiring me to write it, and to em_kellesvig for beta-duty.

“This ain’t the SGC, Colonel,” he says with a wry grin. “The military protocol is relaxed enough to be virtually unrecognizable, but it works here. It’s something you get used to.”Collapse )
Title: Santa in a Stetson
Author: kho
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,000
Challenge: undermistletoe Harlequin Challenge, title Santa in a Stetson
Notes: AU, and while this universe may resemble the Vegas Verse, it is not the same: It’s one decision different.
Beta: The wonderful em_kellesvig, who kicked my butt when it needed kicking and made this story much, much better.

Summary: The Tavern on the Green, which is a kick and a half being that it’s located in the desert, is sixty miles north-northwest of Las Vegas and twenty miles south-southeast of Groom Lake. John gave up a long time ago trying to figure out if the bar did so well being only an hour out from Vegas or being the nearest watering hole for conspiracy-theorists thinking they’re going to sneak into Area 51.

John Sheppard loves his job. At least, that’s what he tells everyone. Collapse )

Santa in a Stetson, 2/2

SGA Fic: Concussions from Butterflies

Title: Concussions from Butterflies
Rated: R, language
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Notes: I already wrote the John Can’t Say I Love You Fic, so I kind of just wanted to… turn it on its head a little bit.
Beta: Wonderful beta by em_kellesvig, whom I probably need to buy tons of tylenol and advil for having to put up with my endless runons and overusage of the word "pretty". Also, thanks to her, my fics can now properly include colons and semi-colons, which is very exciting to me!

It’s shocking and remarkable how easily John says 'I love you'.Collapse )

kHo's Den of Writerdom

I am working to archive all of my fic on LoveTheSnark.com, and when that is done my goal is to have all of it, every single dang thing, in one place... instead of three. Your best is to go there for my fic, as everything is either archived, or linked to, from there. It is the most concise format I have at the moment.


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